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"Thanks so much for helping bring my ‘ideal’ mouthpiece to life. Your patience as I researched and play tested the different versions was very generous. I’m so excited to have been part of the process for Warburton’s first tuba mouthpiece with added mass. In the past I’ve had my best results with Conn Helleburg’s, Perantucci 48 and 50, and the Parke Offenloch until I played the last and final version of my own signature mouthpiece from Warburton.

For years I’ve been trying to find a mouthpiece that ‘did it’ for me. What I mean by that is: a mouthpiece that speaks clearly in every register, is efficient and, of course, sounds fantastic. This mouthpiece shines in the mid-range and ‘pops’ in the lower register in such a way that will make you even happier to see Prokofiev or Respighi on the program. I believe the mass of the mouthpiece is what’s responsible for the clarity and ease of play in the basement register only because I haven’t found it in anything other than a heavy shelled mouthpiece.

I’m not one for gimmicky equipment and I was skeptical the first time I tried a mouthpiece with added mass. It’s difficult to argue with the astounding results I found though. This weighty mouthpiece is exactly the size it ought to be for the benefits it offers.  The fronts of my notes are as clear or clearer than I’ve found on other heavy mouthpieces and despite it’s size, this mouthpiece has finesse enough to be well at home in the chamber or quintet setting.

Plug one of these into your CC or BBb and I’m convinced you’ll find startling results. I know I was pleasantly surprised by the difference even to other heavy mouthpieces out there."

Al Carter
Assistant Store Manager
Department Head, Band & Orchestral Instruments
Cosmo Music – The Musical Instrument Superstore!
T: 905.770.5222 x 352
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Allen Carter has held principal tuba positions in the Kingston Symphony Orchestra and National Academy Orchestra and is a busy freelance musician in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. He has played and recorded with various groups including brass quintets, orchestras, bands and has been heard on television and radio on soundtracks for commercials and T.V. Movies. Allen is proud to have been heard on CBC Radio Two with Brass Rings for Time For Christmas, with The Monkey Bunch on their CD: Power To The Little People and on a Juno-nominated recording (Variations on a Memory) with the Thunder Bay Symphony.

As a freelancer Allen has played semi regularly with the Toronto Symphony as well as services with Hamilton Philharmonic, Toronto Philharmonia, Toronto Concert Orchestra, Niagara Symphony Orchestra, Scarborough Philharmonic, Oakville Symphony, Etobicoke Philharmonic, Casinorama Orchestra (a personal favourite of his) and more.

As a soloist Allen has shared the stage with the Brantford Symphony, Queen’s Symphony Orchestra, Queen’s Jazz Ensemble, and twice with the National Academy Orchestra.

Allen is currently the first call tubist for the Brantford Symphony Orchestra and Markham Symphony.