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Hubie's Equipment:

I play with great pleasure:

Hubiemeister Alto

ID: 1.022

OD: 1.56

Cup: Extra-Shallow V-Style

Bore: .261
Rosolino Blank

The new “Hubiemeister Alto” has a rim similar to the 4G and a shallower, more efficient cup. Designed specifically for alto trombone work, it is also an excellent jazz piece for those players looking for a commercial piece with a wider diameter. 

“As a soloist on the alto trombone, I am totally happy with this signature piece. It’s perfect for alto trombone, and it is also a fantastic mouthpiece for playing jazz with my CONN 6H trombone. I love the nice, clear sound. It is easy to play over the ranges because it is so well balanced.” -
Hubertus Schmidt

ID: 1.022
OD: 1.56
Cup: Extra Shallow Bowl
Bore: .261
Standard Blank

Hubertus Schmidt is one of the most remarkable  trombone-soloists of our time. During his musical studies in Detmold, Berlin (Diploma with highest marks) and in the United States, his vast repertoire developed, as he regularly played in Festivals, Chamber-music series and Orchestras as soloist in Germany and abroad.

Especially inspiring was his work with Leonard Bernstein in 1988 where, as solo-trombonist, he performed in London, Moscow as well as in other metropolitan cities.  After Hubie’s solo in Sibelius 7th symphony, Leonard Bernstein stated: “It sounds as if God spoke!”

After playing many sessions for the Paramount recording studio in Munich, Germany and doing many chamber brass and solo projects in Berlin, London and Vienna, he became the solo-trombonist of the State Orchestra of Halle (Staatskapelle Halle) in 1992.

He has built a solid solo career with intense working relationships with a couple of well known pianists and organists. He is regularly engaged with orchestras as soloist and has produced the famous CD “Belcanto” with the wonderful pianist Tomoko Sawano (University of High Arts, Berlin).

Future engagements include many recitals with Christian Meinel (Piano) as “Juilliard Duo”, Denny Wilke (Organ) with the “Lord of the Rings” soundtracks and also leading Masterclasses in Europe, Asia and the U.S.

“My friend Bill Reichenbach gave me a Warburton mouthpiece just for fun. After a short try I was absolutely enthusiastic! This summer I changed my complete mouthpiece equipment to Terry Warburton’s great work. Thank you Bill and thank you Terry! You made me a better and happier player!”

Hubie, Erfurt Germany August 26th