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“After playing dozens of mouthpieces, I finally decided to create a mouthpiece that would allow me to play in a variety of musical settings. With this mouthpiece, this extraordinary work of art, made by the master craftsmen at Warburton I feel like I can comfortably perform and execute at a high level in styles ranging from; Jazz, Gospel, New Orleans Traditional, to Classical. This mouthpiece has met and exceeded all of my musical demands allowing me to project my signature tone, facile articulation, and interpretation. This is the absolute best mouthpiece I've ever played.”

Derrick Harris "DH" Signature Tenor Trombone Mouthpiece
OD: 1.57
BORE: .250
CUP: Deep V

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Derrick Harris is an Orlando-based trombonist who was largely inspired by the great trombonist and composer, J.J. Johnson as a young performer. Derrick has searched for his own unique sound and melodic approach, finding success over the years with a variety of equipment and teachers. He spent time in the studios of both Valencia College and Florida Agricultural Mechanical University (FAMU). Derrick is currently a top-call musician that has toured around America in a variety of musical settings and genres. You can often find him performing with his own group or as a sideman at jazz festivals, clubs, and schools. Derrick also has performed with travelling acts like George Lopez, DrumLine Live, The Temptations, The Four Tops, Don Rickles and The Platters.