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"When I first tried a Warburton kit ten years ago, I was immediately impressed with the unlimited possibility of controlling the sound and resistance using the same cup diameter and the many choices of cups and back bores. I play lead trumpet in a weekly performing big band. I have tried many of the Warburton tops, but the one I recently came to love is the 4SV!! I use a KT and KT* back bore and this combination gives the biggest most secure total range I have ever experienced! It makes playing double A's as easy as playing high C!!! It speaks with authority but also can be shaded when necessary. I use the same 4SV top with a #7 and #9 back bores for more intimate club work that I am currently doing. Fellow musicians and music patrons have asked me recently if I bought a new horn and notice a more driving lead and a wonderful club horn sound. I say no......Warburton mouthpieces!! I used to play a lot more flugelhorn in the club setting, but the #7 and especially the #9 back bores offer me to play trumpet more and get a beautiful warm, almost cornet tone. I also use a Warburton 5FLX on my flugelhorn. It has a very deep cup, but alarming responsive and warm like velvet..... Terry Warburton has the best to offer any player, in any style of music, the greatest brass mouthpieces made today."

John Pederson
Lead Trumpet
Fargo/Moorhead Jazz Arts Group

John Pederson

Listen to a sound clip of John: "Where is the Love" (mp3) "Somewhere" (mp3)