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"I have played several different kinds of gigs from: Epcot's Future Corps at Walt Disney World, recording studio sessions, symphony orchestra work, Dixieland, be-bop, big band, and several other musical styles. Since 1985 I have been using a Warburton mouthpiece because its efficiency and versatility allows me to play any musical style without having to change my mouthpiece.

Over the years as I became able to use my air more efficiently, I was able to change the size of backbore without changing the rim and cup diameter. Because of the many mouthpiece combinations Warburton offers, I was able to continue playing without having to take time off to get used to a new mouthpiece. Kenny and Terry helped me, and made it possible for me change my equipment and not miss any work. Currently I play an Warburton 8SV with a 7 backbore and a 26 throat, and the trumpet I use is a large bore T357 Arturo Sandoval model Leblanc.

I have used several different brands of horns and my Warburton mouthpiece has always worked well with all of them."

Mark Zauss

Mark Zauss


The new mouthpiece you sent is absolutely perfect!  No adjustments or revisions need to be made and it's the best mouthpiece I have ever played - exactly what I wanted and even better than I expected. Terry nailed it on the first try and I knew he would."

Mark Zauss Signature Top

ID: .610
OD: 1.050
Cup: Extra-Shallow Hammock-style Bowl
Bore: 27

Mark is internationally recognized as a trumpet soloist, clinician and recording artist. He is a full time trumpet player for Walt Disney World at the Magic Kingdom with the Main Street Philharmonic. He also performs over 100 events annually with his own bands. www.markzauss.com