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Our new "Traditional" line of two piece trombone mouthpieces offers something players have been asking us for: A traditional feel, in a modular set up.


The Traditional line offers you the opportunity to use a rim and cup you've used for years, but gives you more options when it come to matching the mouthpiece to play with your instrument.
Along with this new line, we are also offering a new backbore to accompany the larger sizes.  The "BL" series is similar to our "B" line of bass trombone backbores, but has the larger bore size of .295" to better complement the 1 1/2G and 1 1/4JW tops.

The new Traditional lineup has the same classic shapes as our equivalent one piece models:
  • 1-1/2G Bore of .281
  • 1-1/2GL Bore of .302
  • 1-1/4JW Bore of .302
  • 3G Bore of .281
  • 3GL Bore of .302
  • 4G Bore of .266
  • 5G Bore of .266
BL Backbores
  • BL 1
  • BL 1*
  • BL 2
  • BL 2*
  • BL 3
  • BL 3*

Try our Traditional two piece trombone mouthpieces to experience the familiar feel and sound of the classics with improved efficiency and ability to focus on your sound.