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The P.E.T.E. is a unique tool to use to perform isometric exercises that strengthen and develop the embouchure. The P.E.T.E. is the only tool on the market that exercises the exact musculature involved in playing wind instruments. Regular use of the P.E.T.E. will result in increased endurance and flexibility, and for many players, increased range.

The P.E.T.E. PRO is an advanced-level isometric strengthening tool to be used by experienced altissimo players. It is important that users have well-developed embouchure strength and/or previous experience with the P.E.T.E. for Brass before using this model. Players who are required to regularly play in the extreme upper register, or those who have reached a plateau in their efforts with the original P.E.T.E. will find that the P.E.T.E. PRO provides them with the additional challenge they’re looking for. We have researched the effectiveness of this new developmental tool by sending it out to select professional players, and have received enthusiastic reports.

The P.E.T.E PRO disk is about 5/8" in diameter, compared to the approximately 3/4" disk of the P.E.T.E. for Brass. The P.E.T.E. PRO is machined from brass and available in silver or gold plate.

"Warburton invented that great tool. It sets up the embouchure beautifully.
If you ever need to see the proper embouchure, there it is."
Doc Severinsen talking about the P.E.T.E. at the 2015 ITG conference in Columbus, Ohio.

Now available - the new P.E.T.E. PRO

I have been using the regular P.E.T.E. ever since Terry introduced me to it years ago. It has become one of my “Don’t leave home without it” tools. In the years of using it, I've found that I have to be careful not to overuse it as it really gives the muscles surrounding the lips a workout. Then came the new “P.E.T.E. PRO.” This new P.E.T.E. has a smaller disc that concentrates the workout spot on your embouchure without over taxing the orbicularis oris (muscles around lips).

I highly recommend the P.E.T.E. PRO. It will help maintain your endurance on the days off, and it will help you build strength and power with your daily practice.

Eric Miyashiro (more info...)

The P.E.T.E. PRO is a lifesaver when it comes to keeping your chops in shape. The smaller disc on the pro helps to work the muscles that are used when playing in the extreme upper register. I like to use it with the regular Pete alternating between the two in my daily practice routine. It has really helped me to train my chops to really lock in on the slots above high c. It is also great to keep in shape when traveling. Sometimes while on tour, I have travel days which prevent me from getting a lot of playing in and the P.E.T.E. keeps everything in shape. The Pete pro is key for upper register development and consistency. Thanks Warburton team!

Rob Quallich (more info...)

When Terry introduced the original P.E.T.E. a few years ago, I ordered one immediately. It worked so well that I started referring to it as a "gig on a stick." On days I am actually unable to play my horn, when properly used, the P.E.T.E. works out my chops as much as a standard 4 hour engagement would. Because of the smaller diameter of the new P.E.T.E. PRO, working out with this version is even more challenging and beneficial. I refer to the new P.E.T.E. PRO as "2 gigs on a stick."

Roger Ingram (more info...)

The original P.E.T.E. next to the new Pro model

Check out our feedback below from these and other customers!

We ran into some friends of P.E.T.E. at the Jazz Educators Network show in Atlanta, GA

More friends of P.E.T.E. at the FMEA show in Florida

Friends of P.E.T.E at the NTC show in Washington, D.C.

Benoit Glazer - friend of P.E.T.E.

P.E.T.E. - Personal Embouchure Training Exerciser

John Barker talks about his success using the P.E.T.E.

Terry Warburton explains the P.E.T.E.

Several P.E.T.E. users talk about their personal experiences

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P.E.T.E. Provides Efficient and Effective Embouchure Conditioning For
rumpet - Trombone - Tuba - French Horn - Any Brass Instrument Player!
Flute - Saxophone - Clarinet - Oboe - Bassoon - Any Woodwind Instrument Player!

Brass and Woodwind playing is an art and a skill. It is also a physical activity which requires not only breath control, but a steadfast embouchure that will not break down before the end of a performance.

Professional Quarterbacks throw the football great distances with accuracy. They do this by practicing their skills on the field. What we don’t see is the time spent in the gym preparing the muscle groups needed so that they can practice these skills. Engaging in either one of these activities in excess is less effective than doing both in balance.

Use P.E.T.E. as an adjunct tool to assist you in becoming a better player!

Click Here to Download P.E.T.E. Instructions (PDF file)

Instructions also available in French and Spanish

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Now available - Plastic P.E.T.E.
  • FDA approved Delrin plastic
  • Great for sensitive teeth
  • Hypoallergenic material will not chip or crack

Three versions available:
Silver Plated Brass, black Delrin plastic, and Gold Plated Brass

P.E.T.E. - Personal Embouchure Training Exerciser

Now available - P.E.T.E. for Woodwind instrument players!

Very soon after the release of our P.E.T.E. for brass players, we started getting positive feedback from woodwind players who were trying it out. While the brass player's model was indeed helping them with embouchure development, we worked with numerous woodwind players to discover that a design change to our original model would better target the embouchure muscles used by woodwind players.

Reed players will gain muscle strength needed to better control the reed - resulting in improved intonation in the extreme upper and lower registers. The tendency of palm key notes to go sharp and bottom notes to go flat will be greatly reduced or completely eliminated!

P.E.T.E. for Woodwind Players

Available in the same materials as the brass player's model - except that the plastic model is blue Delrin plastic instead of black.

What's the difference between the Brass player's model and Woodwind player's model ?

The functional differences are the diameter of the disc end and contour of the back side of the disc. The woodwind player's model also has three rubber o-rings whereas the brass player's model has two for easier identification.
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What's the difference between the Plastic and Silver/Gold models?

The main difference is weight - The plastic model is much lighter than the plated brass models. The extra weight of the silver/gold version, for most people, enhances the workout when supporting the small end of it in your chops. On the other hand, many people simply prefer the look of the silver or gold models - and in fact - silver is the most popular model. Also note that the plastic and gold models appeal to users with an allergy to silver.

"Placing the disk behind the lips and pulling the exerciser forward prompts an isometric response from the muscles of the lips, preparing them for the forces encountered in brass playing"

P.E.T.E. Usage Illustration

"The P.E.T.E. directly targets the exact muscles that tire toward the end of a performance. These are the muscles which prevent the lips from falling into the cup, blowing apart, and losing the buzz"

Exercise 1 - Builds power and stamina:

Place the disk end of the P.E.T.E. behind your lips, in front of your teeth. Gently pull the exerciser forward with your thumb and forefinger. You will feel the disc pulling your lips away from your teeth. Resist this action with your lip muscles. Use your common sense and instincts to regulate this “tug-of-war”. You will quickly feel the muscles of your chops responding to the challenge. They may feel warm as new blood is summoned to the area. Stop and take a break from this isometric workout if a burning feeling occurs. Patience is required when building muscular strength.

Exercise 2
- Strengthens the muscle groups needed to increase range:

Place the narrow end of the P.E.T.E. between your lips, in front of the teeth. Squeeze the P.E.T.E. from all directions with your chops.

Note: It is not necessary to let go of the P.E.T.E. to support it solely with your chops. The important action here is an omni directional squeeze toward the center. Remember that the P.E.T.E. is a tool to assist you with your playing and not an end in itself. It is possible to replicate this action without the P.E.T.E. but it is a good “prop” to remind you to add this type of exercise to your daily routine.

What time of day, and for how long, should I exercise using the P.E.T.E. ?
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Below is just a small sample of the positive feedback we're getting from customers

I recently had eye surgery for cataract removal and a replacement lens. The surgeon said they recommend a month for recuperation, but "in your case, two weeks because I know you have gigs." Since I couldn't practice, I used the PETE every day, and when I started back it felt as if I hadn't been off at all. I use both the standard model and the Pro, and alternate the two. I have another surgery coming up and look for the PETE to keep me in shape, as I have a big recording session at the end of my rehab period. I also use the Buzzard for warm-up and, in this case, for easing back into playing.

Thanks for all that you do for us.

Les Benedict

I can honestly say that when used properly, along with proper practice, the P.E.T.E. does the job of strengthening the chops and making it easier to play the trumpet.

Of course, it has taken me about three months to "figure it out" and for me, I use the P.E.T.E. every other day for about twenty minutes (per day).

Congratulations on a wonderful product! My chops will never be the same! My heartfelt thanks!

Jon Faddis

Jon Faddis

Wayne Downey
For years now I've preached to all my students that strengthening the muscles of the face associated with the formation of the embouchure will greatly improve their power, endurance and flexibility not to mention their ability to play in the center of both pitch and tone which we all know are the basic tenets of a great sound and an incredible range.

Now, with the advent of P.E.T.E. (Personal Embouchure Training Exerciser) there's no need for the coins, straws and pencils of yesteryear. The Isometric exerciser of the 21st century has arrived.

My students Love It, You will Too!!

There's nothing better than adding P.E.T.E. to your daily practice regime to gain strength and muscular control of your embouchure for that beautiful tone quality and sizzling range you've been striving to achieve your entire life.

Don't wait anymore, buy one now!!!

Wayne Downey

"I've had the P.E.T.E. less than two weeks and started using it as soon as it arrived. After several rehearsals and gigs (combo and big bands), I notice a dramatic increase in my endurance, focus and overall ease of playing as a result.

As I work with some of the top name touring groups on a regular basis, (Bob James, Wayne Newton, Frank Sinatra, Jr, Gladys Knight, Linda Ronstadt, Johnny Mathis, Allen Vizutti for example), I have to be "on my game" at a moments notice. P.E.T.E allows me to keep the muscles in shape that I need to perform at the highest standards all the time. I love it!

Sometimes the simplest solution is the most powerful. This concept most certainly applied to the P.E.T.E.
This thing WORKS . . . what more can I say, except THANKS!

Dan Jacobs

Roger Ingram

"I have been using the new P.E.T.E. on a consistent basis since receiving it in the mail. Geeez, what a great little device! As I'm ALWAYS busy taking care of the necessary tasks that a married man with 2 children needs to do, I don't get the chance to play my trumpet on a daily basis when I'm home here in La Grange. However, because of the convenience of working out with the new P.E.T.E. on the days that I do not play, I'm still 100%: when I pick up the horn, my chops feel as if I've been playing 2 gigs a day. ;-)

I've been recommending this little device to every student I have had since receiving it in the mail. I just want to thank you for making this available to brass players around the globe.

When Terry introduced the original P.E.T.E. a few years ago, I ordered one immediately. It worked so well that I started referring to it as a "gig on a stick." On days I am actually unable to play my horn, when properly used, the P.E.T.E. works out my chops as much as a standard 4 hour engagement would. Because of the smaller diameter of the new P.E.T.E. PRO, working out with this version is even more challenging and beneficial. I refer to the new P.E.T.E. PRO as "2 gigs on a stick."

Roger Ingram
Studio trumpet player, educator, author, designer. Jupiter XO Artist and Clinician. Lead trumpet with Harry Connick, Jr., Woody Herman, Maynard Ferguson, Ray Charles, Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra

Chad Shoopman

"I realized after a short time using the P.E.T.E. that, in it’s simplest terms, it is YOGA for brass players. In YOGA, you learn and maintain physical positions that are low impact, but help develop strength, flexibility, and balance. The P.E.T.E. maintains your chops in the exact same way. Using the device as directed places your embouchure in the correct position, working the appropriate muscles without the impact of playing the horn (metal against lips), creating the physical benefit of hours of practice in a more efficient and balanced way. From a purely muscular standpoint, I found this device to be an essential part of my maintenance and conditioning routine. As in YOGA, it takes no time to feel the P.E.T.E. exercises working. Even though my lips felt fresh, after just 15 – 30 seconds, my embouchure muscles felt like I had practiced flow studies for an hour. The benefit from a time standpoint as well as an impact standpoint are invaluable. As a working musician, I am grateful to have something that can give my muscles a conditioned workout in a short time, while sparing my lips the abuse they would take to get the same result over a much longer time period.

Along with the strength, flexibility, and balance benefits I gained, the greatest result I have noticed from using the P.E.T.E. is rapid muscle RECOVERY. I try to play everyday, but If I spend any time away form the horn, I notice it. With the P.E.T.E., the negative effects and conditioning issues commonly found in being away from the instrument are greatly reduced. After using the P.E.T.E. while on a 2 week vacation this summer, I noticed it only took a few days to get back to playing at the highest level. In the past, that much time off would have led to over a week of struggling to get back in to “fighting” shape. There is no substitute for practice and performance playing, but with the P.E.T.E. I can practice smarter, recover quicker, and now add BRASS YOGA to my trumpet regimen."

Chad Shoopman
Lead trumpet for The Walt Disney World Co. in Orlando, Florida.
Performs and/or records regularly with Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band, Chuck Owen and the Jazz Surge Big Band, the Naples Philharmonic, the hr- Big Band in Frankfurt, Germany, the Florida Orchestra, and Dan McMillion’s Groovin’ High Orchestra.

I got the P.E.T.E. Pro--just what I've been hoping for. I like the original P.E.T.E., but the pro helps me to develop the focus in my aperture that I've strived for in my practice. Highly recommended, and I'll spread the word

Les Benedict
more info

"Hey Terry and Ken, I just wanted to let you know how it's going with the P.E.T.E. I've never been a "trumpet gadget" kind of a guy, but the P.E.T.E. is not a gadget. It's a life saver! I've been using it daily with some common sense and my chops feel as strong now as they were in college, when I would play all day! I definitely feel more of my embouchure muscles strengthening and reawakening.

Thank you for making trumpet playing so much easier!"

Luis Aquino
Studio musician, lead trumpet player

"I have always been a believer of developing the facial muscles for playing a brass instrument so I was familiar with what this device could possibly do for brass players. I have done isometrics and other exercises in the past but I find that the P.E.T.E. does a far superior job than anything I have done. Just in the first weeks of using it I found my endurance, range and strength increase unbelievably. I am now a firm believer of P.E.T.E. and would recommend it to all levels of players. I don’t believe you can develop this kind of strength in this short of time by practicing alone. The P.E.T.E. doesn’t replace individual practice on the horn but is to the player what the weight room is to the professional athlete. Don’t waste time, add the P.E.T.E. to your routine and you will be a believer.”

Craig Konicek
Professional Trumpet Player and Educator

"I received my P.E.T.E. from Warburton this summer after a decision to lay off the trumpet for a while. I laid off about two months after doing a guest soloist concert with a college band in Houston. This is the only extended layoff that I can remember ever taking. After using the P.E.T.E. as Terry instructed, I could feel the strength returning. I have now made using the P.E.T.E. a part of my daily routine and I am developing a set of isometric exercises to use before and after using the P.E.T.E. It is working marvelously in tandem with my Casual Double High C method. I am enthusiastically recommending it to all my brass playing friends and students!"

Bob Odneal

“I have really become impressed with the P.E.T.E. as I have worked it into my playing routine, both on performance days and practice days. It has become my “warm down” device of choice after a performance. I have also worked it into my “warm up” routine and also found it a very beneficial addition to my flexibility and strengthening exercises.

On days that I am traveling all day and don’t have a opportunity to get on the horn, it’s a great device to pull out on the plane or in the airport to help keep my muscles in shape.
What a great idea!”

Steve Sigmund, Trombonist – Ray Charles, Natalie Cole, Stevie Wonder, Tito Puente, Arturo Sandoval, Michael McDonald.
Currently Trombonist/Musical Director for vocalist Steve Lippia.

"The P.E.T.E. helps strengthen the muscles we use to make an embouchure. I have started using the P.E.T.E. to train those muscles that surround the mouthpiece. The P.E.T.E. is the only tool that can isolate those muscles. I use the P.E.T.E. on vacation, late at night, and whenever I need to warm-up in silence. Buzzing on your mouthpiece coupled with embouchure strengthening with the P.E.T.E. will improve your endurance and flexibility."

Alberto G. Suarez, Principal Horn
Kansas City Symphony

"Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your new P.E.T.E. accessory. With my busy schedule, I like the potential of getting a workout with only 3 to 5 minutes with P.E.T.E. When I get back onto my instrument I feel that my buzz is more focused, I have more control in the upper register, and my endurance is better. Congratulations again on being on the cutting edge not only in mouthpiece design but accessories as well."

Dr. Kelly Thomas
Professor of Tuba/Euphonium
University of Arizona
Besson Artist/Clinician

Brent Flinchbaugh

"Just wanted to let you know that I just got a P.E.T.E. at Stu's Music Shop and was quite skeptical at first, but after using it for a few days, I feel that my set up is much more stable and secure. The exercises are simple and effective. I'm going on tour to China with the Baltimore Chamber Orchestra in January and I plan to take PETE on the plane with me; I just hope it gets through security!

Thanks for creating it!"

Brent Flinchbaugh
Pennsylvania Academy of Music
Clipper City Brass Quintet
Baltimore Chamber Orchestra

"Terry & Ken, I just wanted to tell you that since I got my P.E.T.E. three days ago, I have already seen a dramatic increase in my stamina, endurance and range. With proper use, the P.E.T.E. exercises precisely the muscle groups necessary to fascilitate swift and, more importantly, correct embouchure development. As a music educator, I am planning to use it extensively in my private trumpet studio and in my band room. This device will revolutionize brass playing as we know it and every brass player who is serious about their craft should get one of these!"

Allen J. Venezio

Author of Trumpet 101: A Resource Manual for Trumpet Players
Lead trumpet - Maitland Stage Band

Allen Venezio

Richard Murrow

"The P.E.T.E. is Genius! My first experience with it was during a 2 week vacation with no tuba or mouthpiece. This was the only time I've been without at least one of those items in 35-40 years, but who's counting. I did take a P.E.T.E. to see if your claims were as powerful as you said. YOU were right! I came back feeling as strong as I did when I left. That was in early August. I have now made believers out of my university tuba/euphonium students and numerous professional friends. It's not just a trumpet thing. P.E.T.E. works for EVERYONE! THANKS Terry!"

Richard Murrow
Tuba/Euphonium Texas Christian University
Artist Clinician Miraphone
Principal Tuba - East Texas Symphony
American Chamber Brass
Dallas/Fort Worth Freelance Tubist

"As a high school band director, I am always trying to find ways to strengthen the facial muscles of my brass players to improve endurance and increase their flexibility of range. During my 9 years at SCHS, I have tried everything! I was taught the old school “pencil method” and always had trouble keeping the long pencil in my chops! I then tried other objects between my chops like straws, chopsticks, and even Warburton underparts- TOO HEAVY! It wasn’t until recently I saw on Terry’s site the P.E.T.E. My first thought was what is this? Can this odd shaped device really increase endurance and range by utilizing both sides? The answer is YES! I purchased one after talking with Terry on the phone, waited for it to arrive, and within a minute felt the muscles that must work to play trumpet tingle, then felt “the burn”. Later that evening, after a nice rest period from using the P.E.T.E., I pulled out the trumpet for a practice session and it just felt right! I am an advocate to my students about scales and arpeggios and I played the concert F scale all the way to my double G and it sounded fat, clear, and a lot less of a fight to play.

Was it the P.E.T.E.? I needed to try it out on a student. I purchased another P.E.T.E. for one of my freshman trombone students, Erin. She came from a really good middle school program that taught the “pencil method”. I asked her to try this new device at home and let me know what she thought. From her:“ I felt the burn pretty quickly, it wasn’t too bad, but I could tell it was working all the muscles that I use to play, I am using it every day, I’m really happy with the results”. I noticed the next rehearsal day, Erin had a nice sound with a slightly more mature tone. She has been using the P.E.T.E. for about one week now and she is sounding GREAT!

I have been using the P.E.T.E. for two weeks and playing the trumpet just feels better and is not so much of a task at times. I recommend this device so much that I will require all my brass students to purchase one to supplement their practice routines after the first of the year. All band directors need to look into this device."

Chris Harper
Director of Bands, Screven County High School, Sylvania, GA

Chris Harper

Chris Harper, Director of Bands, Screven County High School, Sylvania, GA and Erin Prostrollo, 9th grade trombonist.

Dr. Stephen Hawk
"As an educator and a trumpet player, I was amazed that the P.E.T.E. Terry sent me did exactly as he said it would. I felt the corners strengthening within days. I believe this to be an invaluable tool for busy educators like myself who also wish to keep their chops up. I will be recommending it to all my students."

Dr. Stephen Hawk
Professor of Music
Slippery Rock University, PA

"Another piece of amazing Warburton kit is the P.E.T.E. which, for me, is indispensable now I have tried it for 2 months. It is great for keeping chops in shape when practice is out of the question! I use it on the road, usually after playing as it can tire the lip unnecessarily if used prior to performing, so for me, using it before warm down, or at any time on a day off the trumpet. I also have a colleague who's chops were "saved" whilst on holiday by using the P.E.T.E. on a daily basis. I enjoy doing both exercises as prescribed."

John Barker

John Barker

"Over the years I've amassed a huge pile of such devices that always eventually proved to be more of a distraction than a help to better playing. I had not heard of P.E.T.E., but after reading about it and seeing the videos on your website, I had an instant intuitive feeling that this was something very much worth looking into, so I went for it.

It arrived a couple of weeks ago and, as per your advice, I do about a 5-minute session just before going to bed. The benefit has been very palpable, dramatic, and undiminishing. It's now a permanent part of my nightly oral regimen, I brush, floss, scrape, rinse, and P.E.T.E.. This is a great thing - so simple and so totally easy and practical to use - and feels SO much like just the right thing to do!

I'm a total believer and will be totally and enthusiastically pushing this to all my students, friends, acquaintances, relatives - perfect strangers even - whether brass players or not.

Thank you and congratulations on this great product."

Arthur Jennings
University of Florida, College of Fine Arts

Arthur Jennings

Irvan Karan

"After getting a PETE at the Easter Trombone Workshop I can truly say what a fantastic product.

A beneficial aid for the chops that every trombonist should have."

Irvin Karan
NYC Freelance Trombonist

"The PETE has been invaluable to me. For the first time ever, I don't have to worry about the adverse effects of being off the horn for a day (or even longer). Recently I was sick for 5 days and only used the PETE for a few minutes a day. Right afterward I played a five hour continuous gig and felt great! I usually do a lot of playing during the day and evening so before I go to bed I do the PETE exercises (for both ends) for about 3 or 4 minutes. This way I don't tire my chops before practicing or performing.

I have noticed a big difference in my endurance. Thanks guys!"

Andrea Rowlison
Solo Jazz Artist

Andrea Rowlison

Bobby Geddio


Thank you so much for turning me on to the P.E.T.E.

After a trial and error period of using it, (at first I went crazy and ABUSED it), I found that it increased everything across the board for me!

Endurance, range, even my sound was better!

I am presently on an, on a day off a day schedule using it at night before going to bed. I try to get a good burn going which takes me at this time between 5 and 7 minutes.

When I first started, 15 seconds was all I could take. That was mainly caused by excessive pulling away from the chops. After awhile you find that SWEET spot, not too much, not too little!

One added note, I on occasion have used it as a LAST resort warm-up before the downbeat. If I couldn’t warm-up during the day, in the car, or even at the gig… I will pull out the P.E.T.E.

And use it gently, bringing blood flow to the area for about 30 seconds. Buzz my lips…. Downbeat… and off I’m running!

Thanks again for making my job easier and more enjoyable!

Bobby Geddio

Well first let me say I just can't say enough good about that PETE!!!

Man has it ever saved my bacon on the road!! Frequently I run into days where it is all sitting and driving and my chops start getting too soft - well not any more!! It is truly crazy how just 10 minutes can make such a difference in keeping my embouchure so focused!

As another point of interest I also have experienced playing up to a solid double C on my German 3C...(!!!)  THAT's new...

D.J. Barraclough

Trumpeter with Dallas Brass

DJ Barraclough

Jack Sholder

I used to be a pretty good classical trumpet player but ever since my mid thirties, I've stopped, started up again, only to stop again and repeat the cycle.  Last year, after a five year hiatus from playing and at an age when most good players are thinking of retiring, I decided to try to come back yet again since a community wind band had just formed.  I got seated in the first cornet section but frankly had no chops and was embarrassed to play out.

After 6 months, my playing had mostly come back but I had no endurance and would poop out after a half hour or so in the band or in a quintet rehearsal.  Brad Ulrich, a friend and a very good trumpet player, said he'd be using the P.E.T.E. and highly recommended it to me.  Never one to believe in gimmicks or magic cures, I figured what the hell,  I'd give it a try.  Within a week of doing two sets of 3x 30 seconds daily, I had noticeably more endurance, and the other players were also noticing the difference.  Within a few weeks I was getting through a full rehearsal, ragged at the end but still able to play. 

Several months later I've got my sound, my endurance (never great but sufficient), and most of all my confidence back, and I'm playing the solo cornet book in the band.  I've still got some room for improvement (don't we all), but I can't believe how much and how rapidly the P.E.T.E. improved my playing.  It's been like a  miracle.

Jack Sholder

I had been using the PETE with good results for over a year when I had to have some surgery which required being off the horn for 6 weeks while healing up. But I kept up my PETE practice for a few minutes every day, and when I came back to the horn, my chops were basically fine! The last time I had to take time off (without the PETE) it was for a shorter time and my chops were much worse when I came back. So I highly recommend this as a way to keep your embouchure in decent shape when playing isn't an option.

Ian Carey
trumpeter, composer, educator
Richmond, CA, USA

Band Director Terri Palazzolo is seeing great progress from her students using the P.E.T.E.

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Silver, Gold, and Black Plastic P.E.T.E. for Brass PlayersP.E.T.E. - Personal Embouchure Training Exerciser

Silver, Gold, and Blue Plastic P.E.T.E. for Woodwind Players
P.E.T.E. - Personal Embouchure Training Exerciser

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