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We are happy to announce the new Warburton Cornet. The cornet features a classic shepherd's crook and the innovative Warburton Slot Receiver, to give the ideal cornet sound and maximize intonation and efficiency.

Now accepting deposits and taking orders - click here!

Now accepting deposits - click here!

Available finishes:

Raw Brass $2350.00
Lacquer $2550.00
Silver Plated $2650.00

Pricing does not include shipping or a case.

Bell Options:

1 Yellow Brass
2 Gold Brass
3 Red Brass

Bore Size Options:

Diameter (inches)
ML 0.460
L 0.465
XL 0.470

Our Cornet model number format is:

  • CT-bell number-bore size
For example: CT-1-ML would be a medium large bore cornet with the yellow brass bell.

Aaron Romm:

Tyler Jaeger:

John Kratzer:

"Thanks to Terry Warburton and Kim Aubuchon for coming to KC. I played some immensely wonderful instruments today and what is hands down the best cornet I have laid hands on in my life. Wonderful hang after too, feeling very happy right now."