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TR-1 (Maple) --- TR-2 (Walnut) --- TR-3 (Hickory) --- TR-4 (Oak) --- TR-5 (Pine) --- TR-6 (Camphor) --- TR-7 (Cedar)

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Each wood gives a very unique sound and feel. While trying them all is the best way to choose one (and many players will want two because of their unique qualities), the characteristics of each wood are:

TR-1 – Maple

  • Straight • A sparkling classic straight mute without the metallic sound of aluminum.
  • Cup • A dark, broad cup sound, good for symphonic and orchestral playing.

TR-2 – Walnut

  • Straight • Rich, warm overtones and its dark sound makes the Walnut a popular solo mute.
  • Cup • A nice mellow sound, perfect for intimate jazz club work.

TR-3 – Hickory

  • Straight • A very exciting sound with minimum effort. It sings out without having to “push it.”
  • Cup • A sound with a little more bite than the Walnut, but still with a nice resonant core.

TR-4 – Oak

  • Straight • A beautiful, subtle sound between Maple and Hickory, allowing very soft playing.
  • Cup • A nice warm cup sound with a little more projection.

TR-5 – Pine

  • Straight • A mellow sound perfect for small club work.
  • Cup • A resonant sound that can easily play at louder volumes without distorting.

TR-6 – Camphor

  • Straight • A very broad and mellow tone and one of the prettiest woods.
  • Cup • A pretty, sweet cup sound for lyrical playing.

TR-7 – Cedar

  • Straight • A clear, sweet sound, capable of the projection of a metal mute. Very versatile.
  • Cup • A beautifully resonant cup sound, perfect for solo work.

TR-8 – Wenge

  • Straight A very present, strong sounding mute, perfect for articulated or bold passages.
  • Cup •Â A clear, resonant sound that falls between the Hickory and Cedar tones.

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Roger Ingram, a.k.a. The Mute Meister, compares his Warburton Woody Mutes to some of his personal vintage mutes at his home studio in La Grange, IL. For more information about lessons with Roger Ingram, visit RogerIngram.com. Purchase Roger's book, "Clinical Notes on Trumpet Playing."

Video - MUST SEE - Woody's Awakening!

Trumpet Ensemble of InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico
playing Warburton mouthpieces and Warburton Woody Mutes!

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Warburton Tunable Horn Mute

The tunable-horn mute maintains a clear sound and good projection throughout the range. It features a tuning insert and comfortable leather wrist strap, and is durable enough to shrug off the inevitable drops. Currently sized for medium bell horns.

Bb Trumpet straight models TR-1 through TR-7 are now available!

C Trumpet and Tenor Trombone models coming next with Large Bore Tenor, Bass and Cup mutes for all soon!

TR-1 (Maple) --- TR-2 (Walnut) --- TR-3 (Hickory) --- TR-4 (Oak)

TR-5 (Pine) --- TR-6 (Camphor) --- TR-7 (Cedar)

C Trumpet and Tenor Trombone models coming very soon!

Trumpet Cup mutes now available (Walnut TR-2 shown here)

Roger Ingram playing the Woody TR-3 cup mute in Hickory

Alan Cox play testing the Woody Walnut straight mute

Terry Warburton's latest addition to complement his full line of brass mouthpieces and accessories is the Warburton Woody Mute.  Starting with an interest in wood-working at an early age, it is no surprise that Terry has combined this with his extensive brass knowledge, experience, design and machining skills to create another highly effective tool for brass players.  The Warburton Woody mute is designed with an exclusive fluted internal shape to diffuse the sound and produce uniquely pleasant sounding mutes.  Many that have tried and purchased them agree they are another Warburton must have.

The Woody design has been through many stages of development on the journey to becoming a great performing mute.  Specially selected wood planks are transformed into thin wafers through many precise cutting and shaping processes.  The internal sound diffusers are precision milled into the wafers.  The mutes are then assembled and machined to final size, hand sanded and finished with installation of corks and sprayed shellac.

Crafting North American hardwoods, applying a sound diffusing interior shape and even installing a soft felt bottom on the inside, it is easy to understand that these mutes are works of art. Each one is signed by Terry with his initials and the year of manufacture inside the bottom cap before final assembly!

French Horn mutes are ready now!
Here's a behind the scenes look at part of the development and testing process. Thanks to Martin Hackleman and Michelle Stebelton for helping us out with testing.

Warburton Woody Horn Mutes
Warburton Woody French Horn Mutes are here!

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Can't decide which one to get?  

The Maple and Hickory models are proving to be most versatile and great for all around players. You will be happy with either one (or go ahead and get them both!).

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TR-1 (Maple)

TR-2 (Walnut)

TR-3 (Hickory)

TR-4 (Oak)

Order your Woody Mute now at our online store